Keyword Research Service

Who cares if you rank #1 for a keyword if you’re not making any money? Researching your keywords ensures that neither your SEO efforts nor your ad spend go to waste. Our keyword research company helps you to target your digital marketing efforts to profitable keywords.

AIDA Keyword Service Overview

Do you remember ABC and AIDA from Glengarry Glen Ross? Always Be Closing. Your content and your keywords must always be closing by moving your web traffic down the sales funnel. Speaking of sales funnels, AIDA stands for Attention (awareness, technically) Interest Desire Action. The keywords that users search on Google indicate where they are in the funnel: awareness, interest, desire, or action.

This accompanying infographic illustrates the AIDA sales funnel. Source: Wikipedia

  • Awareness Keywords

    A user is in the awareness portion of the sales funnel when they know of a category, product, or brand. Targeting awareness keywords puts you furthest away from your conversion. Some examples of awareness keywords are: breweries, digital marketing tools, and fast food restaurants. The type of content that you should create to target awareness keywords is content that is similar to a Wikipedia page. Make sure to include a call-to-action to move them to your next piece of content targeted to…

  • Interest Keywords

    Interest keywords indicate that the user is ready to learn about the different brands available to provide the product or service that they want. It should go without saying that these search queries generally contain a company or brand name. This is where you need to highlight your competitive advantages and how you can solve your users’ problems when they choose you. Examples of interest keywords include: genesee brewery, spyfu tool, mcdonalds.

  • Desire Keywords

    Desire keywords indicate that your user knows what widget he wants, he just doesn’t know who he’s going to buy it from yet. These desire keywords will include terms based around gender, variations, and comparisons such as: mens, large, blue, pricing, reviews, deals, and so on. This is your chance to capture the user’s email address in exchange for a discount or another offer. This stage is also your last chance to sell your competitive advantages.

  • Action Keywords

    These are where the money is. Action keywords indicate that the user has an intention to make a purchase or start a free trial. Search queries for these keywords may include words like: cheap, buy, free shipping, and promo code. These are the most valuable and therefore must competitive keywords to target.

Keyword Research Deliverables

Before we begin the research process we go through a questionnaire with you to learn the vocabulary of your industry and to confirm who your closest competitors are. Once we’ve done that, we can begin researching.

The deliverable for our keyword research service is an Excel spreadsheet that outlines that keywords that your website should target.

This spreadsheet outlines which web pages (or ad campaigns) should target which keywords. We also take it a step forward and make recommendations on pages that should be created and which keywords go along with those pages. The spreadsheet also gives you relevant data on them such a traffic volume, average cost-per-click (CPC), relative competition, and priority. With this deliverable you are ready to execute and SEO project or a PPC ad campaign. You will receive the research via email and we can schedule a time to go over it together and discuss the next steps we can take.

Keyword Service Pricing

Our keyword research service is billed at a flat rate of $350. For unusually large (or small) projects we can adjust accordingly. If you are ready for your free consultation to start talking about your project, please contact us or fill or the appropriate free consultation form below.