Now is the Best Time to Start YOUR Business

Now is the Best Time to Start YOUR Business

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This month marked my 3rd year in business full time for myself and this moment, right now, this is the best time in the history of the universe to start your own business. Here’s why: We have all of the video/image production equipment we need in our pockets. We can learn any skill we need on the internet (that’s where …

How to Write Thank You Notes

Stop Browsing for 30 Minutes & Write Some Thank You Notes!

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Make Your Mom Proud, Write Thank You Notes! You guys wanna know the “secret” to my business success? Write thank you letters mercilessly. Spam the shit out of your friends and clients with your gratitude. They need to know that you care and appreciate them; so show it. Here’s an example scenario. First, you meet Bob and do business together. …