About Me

Paul’s Promise

Honesty and compassion are the two tenets that guide everything I do personally and professionally.

To my clients…

  • I am your true partner with no conflicting interests. You have exclusive access to me because I will not work with your competitors.
  • Your data is your property. I will never be the gatekeeper to it. That power belongs to you.
  • All actions taken on your behalf are based upon data, not guesswork.
  • I will advise you on what is truly best for you business, even if it means not using my services.

To my community…

I love you. The Rochester community is my home and you are my closest brothers and sisters on this planet. By spreading love, wealth, and knowledge, I will help to make the Rochester community a better place for all of us.

Mission Statement & Vision

My mission is to provide the most desirable and effective digital marketing services and PPC management services on the planet.


Honesty is the key to success. You cannot have meaningful relationships, personally or professionally, without honesty.

Compassion is essential for justice, unity, and happiness. I practice the golden rule at all times.

Company Description

Based in Rochester, NY, Paul Carl Digital provides top-tier digital marketing consulting and PPC management services.

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My Affiliate Link Use

When I write on my blog, I occasionally use affiliate links. I have labeled all of my affiliate links to be honest and transparent. If you use an affiliate link and make a purchase, the company will give me a portion of the money you spend to reward me for the referral. You do not pay any extra when you click an affiliate link so it doesn’t cost you anything. All affiliate links on this site are for products and services that I have personally used, loved, and recommend in good conscious. You can learn more about what affiliate marketing is on my blog.

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